Dear Colleagues and Students,(partners)
Dear Colleagues and Students,(partners)
We would like to  inform both colleagues and students planning to come to Turkey  about the safety in our Country
Several terrorist attacks in recent months and the July 15, 2016 attempt by elements of the Turkish armed forces at a coup d'état have rightly frightened potential visitors to Turkey.
A faction within Turkey's armed forces used tanks and helicopters in its attempt to bring down President Tayyip Erdogan.
However, they were stopped as people flooded onto the streets in support of the leader, who was democratically elected.
The recent failed military coup in Turkey has left many holidaymakers and students wondering if it is still safe to travel there.
President Erdogan has announced a state of emergency for 3 months from 21 July 2016.
·         The state of emergency is focused on those involved in the attempted coup and 
·         It isn’t expected to impact tourists and students.
The situation in Turkey has calmed following an attempted coup overnight on 15-16 July 2016. Flights to, from and through airports in Turkey have returned to normal. 
Karabuk located in the western Blacksea region is one of the safest placest in Turkey.
Kindly submitted,
lec. Oya Önalan 
Karabuk University ,Turkey
International Relations Coordinator