Internationalization   is one of the major priorities of   Karabük University. Our University should increase participation of population in workforce and its education level as well as provide opportunities to working individuals to enable them to improve their capacities related to accessing knowledge about their jobs. That’s why Karabük University has applied to Extended Erasmus University Charter to start transferring the development of innovative practices for LLP in education. For successful international cooperation knowledge of English is a must, so every freshman whose English is not adequate enough are required to attend a one-year intensive preparation class in English.

In order to realize the LLP, an institutional coordinator has been appointed and International Relations Office has been established to service as a consultant to the University administrative and academic staff and to the students. Departmental and faculty coordinators have also been appointed .KBU has adopted the use of ECTS system as a reference and transparency tool to design and define its study programmes and educational components and learning activities based on the educational objectives and learning outcomes in line with the level requirements of both the Turkish National Framework of Qualifications and the Framework of European Qualifications and its fields of studies in Higher Education, and uses its features such as credit allocation based on student workload as to learning, teaching, assessment and grading methods for designing, implementing, reviewing, improving and assuring the quality in educational and training processes.

KBU has been awarded DS Label by the European Commission 2011-2014.

KBU offers B.A.,M.A.,MSc.and PhD programme studies and has  inteded to be compatible with the requirements implied by the Bologna Process. KBU holds a valid Erasmus Charter .KBU has been participating in Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci programs of LLP. KBU having Vocational Schools in its organization has been realizing projects to make cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises by student and staff placements in Leonardo da Vinci program. In cooperation with the chamber of commerce we contact with the enterprises from the EU countries to find out the possibilities of transferring their expertise.

We are eager to organize or participate in IP, CD programs and have already participated in a Thematic Network Project. Through participation in the EU projects Our University is committed to reinforce the quality of higher education by combining the expertise and knowledge of universities from Europe .International Relations Office is eager to implement the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in EU Higher Education Area .EPS of Karabük University has been prepared parallel to its strategic plan and is  given publicity on the website of the University
and in the leaflets related to the Erasmus activities. Gender equality, integration of disabled students and combating xenophobia are highly respected at our University. Our University promotes a campus meeting the needs of disabled people, in each faculty there is a lift and toilets which can be used by the disabled people. Criteria for the selection of the students under the Erasmus Program is  transparent (academic success, language skills and personality).Erasmus student mobility for studies is based on bilateral inter-institutional agreements between the participating higher education institutions each of which holds an Erasmus University Charter. The announcement of the allocations is made at least two weeks before the application deadline on the website. An online application procedure for teacher and student mobility related to Erasmus Program has been implemented after getting EUC. After being signed by Departmental and Faculty Boards, Learning Agreement Form is given to the students before the period of mobility starts. Recognition is based on the Learning Agreement approved by all parties. Full academic recognition is given by KBU for the period spent abroad,using ECTS credits.

Karabük University supports student placement activities in enterprises and training centers in the EU countries to get their working experience and knowledge. Duration of placement abroad is added to the students’ compulsory summer practice period. A special emphasis is given to mentoring and supervision of student placement. Student placement working plan is prearranged between the Departmental Boards of both universities and enterprises. Monthly report related to the students’ participation and improvement is required from the hosting organization via email.

In the particular case of a period of placement that is not part of the curriculum of the student, KBU provides  recognition at least by recording this period in the Diploma Supplement and  in the student's transcript of records.

Each student is given Erasmus Student Charter before leaving our country.
An information package related to the hosting countries’ education, culture, and accommodation and social security systems is provided for both incoming and outgoing students. Outgoing students are informed individually by The International Relations Office through orientation programmes including academic support, educational system, and cultural information about the hosting country. For incoming students KBU provides accommodation either in the dormitory or in the private hostels according to their wish. KBU organizes Turkish intensive language Courses for incoming students for free.
Teaching assignment mobility is based on inter-institutional agreements between the sending and receiving higher education institutions or an agreement between the higher education institution and the enterprise concerned.

For Erasmus Program information sessions have been arranged regularly to the academic staff and students.

The International Relations Office promoting LLP and Bologna Process updates its  website and coordinates email group communications with Erasmus coordinators, incoming and outgoing students. Erasmus Office encourages the students and teachers to participate in mobility activities.